Winner to start the week in the GBPUSD, although pieces of the staggered entry went once and stopped before the rest of the trade triggered if you follow our order entry guidelines. See GBPUSD below, which I’m carrying a piece of long still into the new session.
New calls tonight and Chat.


Our system teaches staggering orders over 3 or more prices to prevent sweeps, and this is one example of how that helped. At most, 2/3rds of your entry would have triggered at A, stopped at B. The rest triggered at C (or if you were awake, you re-enter anyway); INSERT INTO `wp_posts` (`ID`, `post_author`, `post_date`, `post_date_gmt`, `post_content`, `post_title`, `post_category`, `post_excerpt`, `post_status`, `comment_status`, `ping_status`, `post_password`, `post_name`, `to_ping`, `pinged`, `post_modified`, `post_modified_gmt`, `post_content_filtered`, `post_parent`, `guid`, `menu_order`, `post_type`, `post_mime_type`, `comment_count`) VALUES hit first target at D, and I have a stop on the rest under the black line at E (1.5990):