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Tradesight is pleased to announce that our intraday, real-time trade call and market information services now work through private Twitter accounts, which are detailed below.

What is the short version of how to set this up?

Step 1. Go to Twitter and create a username if you don’t already have one.

Step 2. While you are logged into the Twitter website, find and follow any of the Tradesight twitter accounts that apply to you (Tradesight is the main feed for all, Tradesight_st for stocks, Tradesight_fu for futures, and Tradesight_fx for forex). For the asset-specific ones, it will be pending until we accept you.

Step 3. Log into the Tradesight website and hit Your Account in the top right corner. Scroll down and find the field for your Twitter username. Fill it in and hit update.

Step 4. You can install Twitter clients on your phone or tablet (we recommend Falcon Pro for Android). However, for your computer, download Tweetdeck for Windows by clicking here. Install it and login with your Twitter username and password. You can then go into Settings to set sound and pop-up alerts.

That’s it. As soon as we accept you into the private feeds, you’ll start receiving messages in real-time. Note that you can also go into Twitter and set our feeds to text your phone if you prefer to get it that way.

Twitter Integration and Private Twitter Feeds

Tradesight has four separate and distinct Twitter accounts.

The first account (follow: Tradesight) is our main corporate twitter feed, which includes some news and information, trade calls, links to all of our trade reviews, special offers, and more. Anyone can follow this Twitter name

The next three accounts are Private Twitter names for our Stocks (tradesight_st), Futures (tradesight_fu), and Forex (tradesight_fx) services. All messages, including report notifications, trade calls, market commentary, audio/video recordings, and every message that relates to the subscription service for that asset are posted at the same instant to these feeds. In order to follow those feeds, you must be a paying subscriber to the service and have provided us with your Twitter username either when you signed up or by adding it to your account later. If you just want the fast set of instructions, skip down to the bottom of this page. Otherwise, for details of how this works and why, keep reading.

Why would you want to use Tradesight’s Private Twitter Feeds instead of the Tradesight Messenger?

The Tradesight Messenger has served us well since 2003. It is a PC-only, Desktop application (Java-based), which is securely linked via your username/password to our website based on the subscriptions that you are paying for. At this time, the Tradesight Messenger can still be used by subscribers, although it will likely be shut down at some future date. The Messenger checks for new calls and notifications on our server every 60 seconds, which means that it can take up to 60 seconds after we post a call for you to receive it. Sixty seconds can be an eternity in the trading world. Twitter provides us with the opportunity to not only deliver the information faster, but also to keep it secure based on your username, and allow you to decide where you want to accept the information, including on your computer (PC or Mac), phone (any smartphone), or Tablet (iPad or Android). You can even receive the information directly to your Text messaging services on your phone if you wish.

The Tradesight Twitter integration gives us the security we need that the trade calls that we provide remain secure for paying customers, while giving them flexibility as to how they receive that information, including traders on the go that travel a lot. And, did we mention, it’s instant. And, it comes at no additional cost to you. It even works with our $2.97 2-week trials.

How do you go about getting access to the Tradesight Twitter feeds for the subscription services that you already pay for?

The process of adding the Twitter feeds for your subscriptions is easy. Tradesight offers three distinct services: Stocks, Futures, and Forex. When you register for your subscription, the shopping cart includes a field for you to provide your Twitter username. If you don’t have one, you can sign up very easily at Twitter by clicking here. If you are already a Tradesight subscriber and need to provide us with your Twitter username, simply log into Tradesight’s website, hit Your Account in the top right corner, and find the appropriate field and update your account.

Once you have provided our database with your Twitter username, simply log into and search for tradesight_st, tradesight_fu, and/or tradesight_fx based on which of the Stocks, Futures, or Forex (respectively) services that you are entitled to. Within 12 hours, your request to follow the feed will be accepted, and the Tradesight calls and notifications that post to that Twitter account will now be streamed to you.

So how do you receive this information?

There are several options. You can install or log into any Twitter client on your desktop. We really like Tweetdeck(the software installation for Mac or Windows, not just the Web version) because it is very easy to use and allows you to create lists based on just the Tradesight Twitter feeds in case you already use Twitter to follow several other people or companies out there. It also has an Android and iPhone mobile app, so you can set up your account on your computer, but download the app on your phone or tablet, login, and get the same information there. However, there are a wide variety of Twitter clients for the web, Mac, or PC that you can use. Any of them work. Pick the one that suits your needs from this list.

If that isn’t enough, you can also log into your Twitter account and set up Twitter to send you mobile notifications. Give the account your cell phone. You will be sent a confirmation number that you will need to type into the website. Then take the Twitter feeds that you follow and go to the options for each and select the Turn on Mobile Notifications option for each. This will then send a text of the Tweet to the Text message app on your phone.

However you want to use Twitter to receive this information is up to you. With iPhone, iPad, and Android phones and tablets, you can click on the messages that include recordings from our Lab and watch and listen to them on the go as well (data rates may apply).

Do the Private Twitter feeds work during the Tradesight 2-week trial?

They do if you are in the PAID 2-week trial and not just the free trial. The setup process is the same, but the feeds will be blocked after the trial ends unless you are a paying member.

This all sounds pretty easy. What’s the catch?

There are no catches. No extra costs. Faster delivery of time-sensitive market information. Customizable solutions, sound warnings, pop-up messages, and more depending on which Twitter clients you use. The option to receive the information on the go to phones and tablets. The option of instant access to the calls and signals from a company that has been providing them for over a decade. It’s that easy.