Phoenix, Arizona August 4, 2003–, an international, on-line stock analysis service launched their small cap on-line newsletter last month to an eager and waiting audience. In less than 30 days over 75% of their current subscribers had already signed on!
“The incredible response we’ve had from the small cap newsletter confirms our suspicions that traders are hungry for quality information that’s delivered without the fluff,” says Chris Mercer, Stock Analyst and owner of “What we give them is the straight skinny about stock picks, what’s happening in the market, and why. It’s daily education without a lot of flowery messages or hype.”
His no-bones-about-it style has become so popular with traders, he has been asked to teach an on-line seminar about his philosophy of trading. The seminar’s title is ‘Brute Force Trading with Clean Charts.’ “Let’s face it, trading is not for everyone,” continues Mercer. “However, I see people making it much harder than necessary. ‘Brute Force’ was written for traders who want to clean it up for a positive trading experience.” ‘Brute Force Trading with Clean Charts’ will be held on Saturday, August 16th, 2003, 7:00am PST at Firetraders, an industry leader, will deliver the seminar using the latest browser technology for a clear, on-line audio and video presentation. Advance registration is required. “These on-line seminars are great,” says Mercer. “People from around the world log in to listen. Geographic location is no longer an obstacle to giving people top-quality educational experiences.”
In spite of a down market, still has some impressive numbers. As of June 30, 2003, the site had locked in 64.80 points in official swing trading gains in the trailing twelve months. Almost half of their daytrading ideas that triggered in the same period ran for $0.50 or more intraday.
About was founded in 2002. The site offers information and education about the U. S. stock markets and individual securities and is designed for active investors and traders. While the newsletter is primarily intended for swing traders and general market directional guidance, there are trading ideas for day traders and small cap players as well. Tradesight’s stock market analysis is 100% independent of all brokerage houses and comes from 80% technical analysis and 20% fundamental analysis. Chris Mercer is a guest analyst in the Firetraders Internet Radio Chat Room five days a week and is a guest column writer for various stock market industry publications. For more information visit or call 480-857-8637.