Phoenix, Arizona May 27, 2003–Tradesight LLC, an international, on-line stock analysis service has taken distinct notice that when it comes to swing and day trading – women have definitely cornered the market!
In a largely male dominated industry, it is interesting to see the significant number of women entering into day and swing trading – an aggressive form of investing. In fact, since 2000 the number of women traders continues to rise, and they seem to be gaining the upper hand when it comes to making money. Why?
“I think much of their success has to do with their ability to control their egos – especially during this difficult market,” says Chris Mercer, Stock Analyst and owner of “Sure, trading requires consistency, hard work, and technical skill, but – bottom line, traders that do well must remain unemotional. The women that I’ve seen trading tend to have a more abstract quality.”
Mercer has found that Tradesight’s female subscribers, in general, are able to avoid having strong opinions about any one stock, which helps them remain more focused and consistent in their strategies. They are more apt to ask questions and admit when they make a mistake. They know when to get in, when to cut their losses, and when to call it a day. Mercer and others agree that women are much better at keeping egos and emotions in check.
Many of Tradesight’s women subscribers are stay-at-home moms who have an interest in the market. Some have financial backgrounds, a few are professional, advanced traders, while others are new to trading and the market. Subscribers to have proven you don’t have to have years of experience to make money as a swing or day trader, but having self-discipline and a bit of humility is paramount. “I’m watching a couple of our stay-at-home moms that are new traders and they’re doing phenomenal,” adds Mercer. “I’m so pleased to be advising them and I am immensely proud of their success.”
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