With each stock’s recap, we will include a (with market support) or (without market support) tag, designating whether the trade triggered with or without market directional support at the time. Anything in the first five minutes will be considered WITHOUT market support because market direction cannot be determined that early.
Hard to measure market direction on a day that was so flat and inside a 5 point range on the ES, but we will use the tool and go from there.
NVLS triggered long (with market support) and worked:

XRAY triggered short (without market support) and worked enough for a partial:

In the Messenger, Rich’s FSLR (with market support) triggered long and worked for over a point and a half, which is more than enough for a partial:

GOOG short (without market support) worked:

GS short (without market support) triggered late in the day and worked:

Rich’s V long (with market support) worked:

In total, three trades triggered with market support and all three worked despite the slow session.