The markets gapped down, pushed lower, the NASDAQ was stronger all day and filled the gap, but we closed S&P down 15 and NASDAQ up 20 on 4 billion NASDAQ shares. But the good news is that we established some range early on the first day back, which is what we need to do to get things going.

ES with Levels:

ES with Market Directional:


ES Opening Range Play triggered short at A and worked:

NQ Opening Range Play triggered short at A but too far out of range to take:

Results: +8.5 ticks


GBPUSD triggered short at A, hit first target at B, stopped second half at C:

Results: +25 pips


At least something triggered.

From the Tradesight Plus Report, PANL triggered long (without market support) and worked:

From the Tradesight Plus Twitter feed, AMGN triggered short (with market support) and didn’t go enough either way to hit the stop or partial, closed at a loss:

Rich’s NFLX triggered short (with market support) and worked some:

That’s 2 triggers with market support, 1 of them worked and 1 didn’t. Neither did much. The other one did better.