The ES gained one handle on the day but left a bearish range high camouflage sell signal on the chart.

Naz was higher by 4 on the day but also bearishly settled below the close.

The 10-day Trin is still in oversold territory with keeps the overall market loaded with oversold energy.

The put/call ratio is still neutral so no signal to be found here.

The Multi sector daily chart shows that the BTK is poised for a relative strength breakout.

The BTK was the top gun on the day, very close to the May highs and the only major sector ready for a legitimate breakout.

The BKX was higher by 0.6% on the day and good enough for a new high on the move. Note that price is now back above all of the major moving averages.

The SOX was lower on the day and still waiting for the Seeker exhaustion buy which must happen at or below the swing low close of the move.