The SP is maintaining trade above the February high. Today the futures were higher by 11 which recorded a price flip (green labeled 1 over the candle).

Naz was higher by 22 settling right at the high close to date. One could argue that the February to present price action is tracing out a cup and handle.

Multi sector daily chart continues to show the excellent strength in the biotech issues.

The 10-day Trin remains neutral, neither over bought, nor oversold.

The put/call ratio took a very notable dive which is almost always leads to equity price weakness in the next session or two.

The Dow Transports closed at a new high on the move, finishing top gun on the day.

The OSX was stronger than the broad market, closing back above the March lows.

The BKX was strong but remains trapped below the 50dma and active DTL.

The SOX posted a narrow range day and ultimately bearishly underperformed the Naz.

The BTK made a new high on the move, closing right at the 8/8 Gann level.

The XAU remains weak, gaming the 200dma–nothing new technically until it reclaims the 10ema or loses the 200dma.

Oil continues its bounce and should find first resistance around 106 at the moving averages.

Gold was higher on the day, extending the bounce.