6-Month Stock Mentorship Program


Want to become a successful active stock trader? Our program is the best in the industry at bringing any level of trader to profitability. We do this through a combination of educational modules, hands-on experience, and private sessions and trade reviews over a six month period. And now, we offer a money back guarantee.



Tradesight analysts have decades of experiences trading the markets. Our educational program is designed to train you how to think like a trader, a market maker, and a real participant in the markets.


Academics alone won’t do it. We work with you hand-in-hand for six months, making sure that you are seeing the same things that we are so you can apply what our educational modules have taught you properly.



Not everyone just “gets it” the first time through. You can schedule unlimited private sessions during your program directly with our main analysts. In addition, we will review and critique your trade blotters to help you improve.

Pricing and Details

The program costs $3997 for six months of complete training and education with all of our calls. We do offer payment plans, but when you choose the payment option, the educational modules are broken up into sections until they are all paid for. This will cause you to potentially move through the program slower. Contact us for details.

What is in the course?

The course topics are too numerous to list in their entirety, but include:

  • Multiple chart patterns, their significance and application
  • An explanation of many trading indicators
  • Layout and alerts setting suggestions to make your trading session smoother
  • Uses of “market internal” data, such as the VIX and TRIN
  • In-depth and extremely detailed trade management techniques
  • Exploration of futures markets and how they affect stocks
  • A “Top-Down” approach to entering a trade
  • Order types
  • Trade size suggestions
  • Murrey Math and Fibonacci systems
  • Bar counting techniques
  • Tools for identifying market exhaustion and reversal points
  • Value Areas (Market Profile)
  • How options cycles affect trading
  • Reciprocal Range plays
  • The impact of market volume on trading success
  • Pivot Series and other calculated support and resistance tools
  • Advanced Proprietary Tools developed by Tradesight for eSignal 12
  • Trade log analysis (if you wish) so we can refine your decision-making process
  • Mentoring, mentoring, and more mentoring!

How does it work?

There are a lot of websites out there selling proprietary signals, “get rich quick” tools, and trading systems that usually sound too good to be true. That’s because they are.

At Tradesight, we don’t believe that success in trading comes down to something you can learn in an hour or buy and turn on so it runs itself. Making money in the markets takes knowledge and experience. The markets don’t do exactly the same thing every day. You won’t make money trying to focus on one thing and assuming it is going to give you a winning strategy forever.

We’re focused on trading education in a real-world setting. Have you ever considered becoming a doctor? How many doctors came into their profession saying “I’m going to perform a few surgeries and then use the money I make to go to Medical School?” None.

Getting a real understanding of the markets so that you know what to look for and how to apply it correctly each day takes a lot of experience. Tradesight analysts have that experience. Rather than sell you a weekend course or an indicator or a green-light/red-light system, we’re ready to spend time giving you the sum of our knowledge through an educational process that adds layers and constructs a comprehensive approach to trading stocks over a few months.

When you sign up for the Tradesight 6-month Stock Trading Mentorship, you’ll receive about 6 hours of recorded educational material to begin. This includes actionable information about chart patterns, indicators, trading signals, and more. We’ll walk you through how to set up our preferred trading platform, eSignal 12, and show you how its power can simplify your trading day.

From Day One, you’ll also have access to a Trading Education Lab, where you can come and ask questions in real-time about the techniques that you have learned. Working together, we can apply them to current market conditions using moving charts and audio. We also offer Q&A Sessions outside of market hours to help clarify anything you need every step of the way.

Then, every two weeks for six months, you’ll receive an additional 1-2 hours of recorded educational material. Each new step will add layers of knowledge to your trading system. Some will focus on proven techniques for trade management. Others will help you look at factors beyond the stock chart to help you refine you entries and improve your odds. Further components will add tools that will simplify complex tasks and systems so that critical information is readily available to you when making these decisions.

And with each step, we will continue to be available to answer your questions and make sure that you are properly understanding and applying the new information to what you have already learned.

Have you ever crammed for an exam? Do you typically remember the material six months later? Unlikely.

We have found over the years of training thousands of individuals that their chances of success as a trader are greatly improved if they approach the learning process methodically. Those that try to grab as much information as possible and jump in aggressively to “start making money” tend to have a lower success rate because they haven’t mastered the fundamentals. What makes sense on paper or on a static screen in front of you might be far more complicated when you get to real-time trading.

By giving you the material in layers with a couple of weeks to make sure that you fully grasp how to apply each new piece, we have found that the long-term results in terms of profitability and in terms of turning trading into a career are significantly improved. Just like a good grade school teacher will make sure that you can add and subtract before teaching you to multiply and divide, we will make sure that you have a firm grasp of charting and indicators and the features of your trading platform before we encourage you to pay attention to other details in the market or to more complex, institutional-level indicators.

By taking this approach, you’ll get a solid foundation that you can build upon at a reasonable pace.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“I have been trading for several years, but have not been as successful as I could have been until connecting with Tradesight. The Stock Mentoring Program is very thorough and has given me the tools to become a more successful trader. I can’t recommend it enough.”

Matt Sadler

“The Tradesight stock program is stunning in depth. If you think you understood the markets and how to make money before, this course will prove that you really didn’t. Best of all, the Tradesight analysts do a top notch job of holding your hands while you come to grips with the material. Can’t recommend enough to anyone serious about trading.”

Marcus Baker

“The Tradesight Mentorship Program is worth every dime. It doesn’t matter if you are brand new or have been trading for years; this course is going to make you a better, smarter trader that understands what makes the market move in ways that you could not have imagined previously. Great course.”

Kurt Idler

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