Hello Traders-

Every year, at the end of the year, I use the slow weeks around the Holidays to look over both my hardware and software to see if anything needs to be updated or organized differently moving forward. Sometimes, I adjust my stock, options, futures, or forex layouts. Sometimes, I buy a new computer. This year, I bought new monitors.

I went with 32″ CURVED Samsung 4k monitors. The refresh rate is high, so the monitors don’t seem quite as bright. Everything just changes and moves without effort, and I can see everything better.

To give you an update on hardware that I currently recommend for active traders, here’s my rig:

Intel i7-8700k CPU at 3.70 GHz

16 GB high speed RAM

Windows 10 Pro

1 TB solid state hard drive

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Ti video card

Gigabit Cox home internet (1 GB speeds up and down)

Google Wifi 2 routers in the house, but the computer is hard wired

Logitech keyboard and the new MX Master 3 mouse

3 Samsung 4k curved monitors, 32″

Remember, it’s important to have your speed handled from start to finish, meaning, it’s useless to have a good chip and lots of RAM if your internet speeds are slow. I can tell you right now that with these monitors, everything seems instantaneous in a way I don’t remember seeing before.

We recently reported our results for 2019, and it was another stellar year in all asset classes. The short version (although you can view every trade if you dig down into the pages) is:

Forex, 60.35% win rate and 1095 pips made, view the results here.

Futures, 69.8% win rate and 1282 ticks made, view the results here.

Stocks, 70.5% win rate and plenty of money made, view the results here.

This is all despite the fact that the markets behaved very differently in 2019 than the last few years. Forex and Stocks in particular were less exciting. It’s a testament to the fact that the Tradesight systems that we have taught for nearly two decades work that we were able to push out those results in a different environment.

I’m very much looking forward to the live 2-day options course coming up in the weekend’s ahead. Details of the course are here. I haven’t done a live event in a while, and I always enjoy doing them. I look forward to making many of you options experts so you can apply that knowledge to your stock trading and improve your results. Have a great 2020, and a great decade.