Money Back Guarantee

At Tradesight, we’ve been teaching people how to trade for a long time. We feel pretty confident in our ability to make people successful through a combination of education, real-time guidance, and post-trading review and discussion. Our mentorship programs are designed to teach you how to trade over time, layering decades of knowledge into a few months of learning in a methodical manner. Because we spend the one-on-one time that we do with you, we have confidence that we can get you profitable.

In fact, we are so confident in the process that we have created that we now offer a money back guarantee on the majority of the costs of the stock and futures trading programs if you don’t find success after completing them. Here is how it works.

Our programs retail for $3999. The money-back guarantee applies when you pre-pay the program, which means you will get a discounted price for paying up front (and a bigger discount if you buy both programs combined). This allows us to move you through the educational material faster instead of spreading it out over six months. We have some hard costs of bandwidth to deliver our service to you over the six months.

You will receive 19 educational modules during the first four or so months of the program (this varies based on how fast you digest the material).

You are required to schedule private mentoring sessions starting after module 12 (you can also do some sooner, but they are required after module 12).

You must schedule and attend at least 3 sessions per month after that point so that we can discuss where you are at with your trading.

You are required to create a weekly blotter of your trades starting after you complete module 12 of the program.

You must fill out the blotter each week so that we can go through it carefully and give you comments and feedback on how to improve your results and overcome any issues you are having so that you can properly apply the education that we have given you. This will likely mean 2-3 months of weekly trade blotters for review, which we do as part of the program. You will not proceed with the remaining modules of the program until we are confident in your abilities to trade profitably with the first 12 modules.

At some point after the fifth month of the program, we will give you a start date for measuring your success. If we don’t suggest a date within the sixth month, we will extend access to our service until we are ready for you to begin (in other words, we would never tell you to start during the last two weeks of the year when the markets are dull for the Holidays).

From that point, you will trade for two weeks and produce your blotters to us weekly. If you are not profitable following the rules that we have drilled into you during the program, we will refund all but $250 of your costs of the program. The $250 covers the hard costs that we have for delivering the service to you for six months.

It’s that simple. Follow our teachings and become a profitable trader, or we will let you keep the knowledge that you have and get your money back. I don’t think you will find another market education service out there who will make the same offer.