Group Mentoring Special Offer

We’ve trained over 1000 people at Tradesight now in the various markets (stocks, futures, and forex). One of the things that I’ve learned in the last year or two is that our mentoring program works best when a group of people go through it together. The reason is that everyone learns better when they are at the same place together and can benefit from each others’ questions. So, we are offering a one-time special offer for our 6-month Stock Mentorship Program. Before I tell you the offer, let me tell you why it is happening now.

No one shows up and becomes a successful trader in a week. The reason our program is six months long is because after 24 years of training people I believe that it takes about six months to make someone profitable. You need time to learn, to absorb, and to have real world examples of what you have learned to become successful. We spend a LOT of time being very hands-on in our training sessions to help them become successful. Summer can be slow, although there are always enough opportunities to make money. But at the end of the day, the ideal time to come out of our program is between September and November because that’s when the markets get exciting for several months, and by starting the program here in April, you will be coming out of the program in September and October. Historically, this is when we have the most success training people.

We sat down this last week and decided to commit to something we haven’t done before, which is to help as many people as want to be successful as possible by committing to them as a group to teach them how to trade in the most ideal time of year. So here is the offer.

Our 6-month mentorship program for stocks usually costs $3582. We offer discounts from time to time for $3197. Today, we are offering this program for $2597 with one condition. We are going to put a minimum of ten people through the program together at the same time so they can all benefit from each others’ questions. You will get group mentoring in addition to any individual mentoring. Everyone can grow as a trader together. We found that this was highly successful with a group of traders earlier this year. This is basically $1000 off of our six month training program, including all of our stock picks, real-time market support, and 20 hours of education, plus private and group mentoring and blotter review.

So here is how it works. Use the Contact form on our website to let us know that you are interested in the program and want to sign up. As long as we get to 10 people with interest by Thursday, April 14, we will send invoices via Paypal to everyone on Friday. Make the payment within a day and we will give everyone this price. We’ve never done this before, but we feel that by putting everyone together as a group means that we can do this in a most cost effective way where everyone benefits from everyone’s progress. We look forward to doing this over the next six months for those that take advantage of this unique opportunity.