Not much of a session as volume dropped back sharply to only 1.3 billion NASDAQ shares and the market did very little for most of the session. NQ triggered short after lunch and just missed the first target by half a tick.
Tomorrow is the start of a 2-day Fed meeting, so it might not be much better.
Net ticks: -7 ticks.
As usual, let’s start by looking at the ES and NQ with our Comber, market directional lines, and VWAP:

Triggered short under the Static Trendline of the last 9-bar move up at A at 2631.00 in the afternoon on the only volume bar of the afternoon. We use half points as ticks on the NQ, and we were going for the usual 6 ticks on the partial (first target was 1628.00), and it went 5.5 ticks (low was 1628.25), then reversed and stopped: