A huge day for futures trading as the opening range plays worked great (after the NQ stopped out once first). The markets gapped up, pulled back briefly, and then ran hard for 30 minutes until rumors hit of a bomb threat in the UK that tanked things briefly. That killed the good volume and momentum for the session and the range for the day was set. The gaps did not fill. We had a great inverted cup and handle short idea on the NQ into the Value Area and for the gap fill, but it didn’t trigger.

Net ticks: +0 ticks.

As usual, let’s start by taking a look at the ES and NQ with our market directional lines, VWAP, and Comber on the 5-minute chart from today’s session:

ES and NQ Opening and Institutional Range Plays:

ES Opening Range Play triggered long at A and worked huge:

NQ Opening Range Play triggered short at A and stopped, triggered long at B and worked huge:

ES Tradesight Institutional Range Play:

NQ Tradesight Institutional Range Play: