No calls in the Messenger after we had a huge winner in the Opening Range plays on the ES and NQ. I’ll walk you through the ES call below. The markets opened flat and headed up.

Net ticks: +0 ticks.

As usual, let’s start by taking a look at the ES and NQ with our market directional lines, VWAP, and Comber on the 5-minute chart from today’s session:


Here’s a look at the ES in 1-minute bars this morning. The shaded area is the opening 2 minutes of play (high to low). The Opening Range play, which has been great all week, is handled by taking a position once the ES closes above or below that shaded area after the first 2 minutes, which happened at A. Note the clean move all the way up to the Comber 13 sell signal at B for almost 7 points: