The markets gapped up on the AAPL earnings, pulled back to fill the ES gap, turned back up and flattened out ahead of the Fed, then spiked for 5 minutes on the Fed and rolled the rest of the day to close at the lows on 2.2 billion NASDAQ shares.

Net ticks: +20 ticks.

As usual, let’s start by taking a look at the ES and NQ with our market directional lines, VWAP, and Comber on the 5-minute chart from today’s session:

ES and NQ Opening and Institutional Range Plays:

ES Opening Range Play triggered short at A and worked:

NQ Opening Range Play triggered long at A but we don’t take under our rules because we were short ES and this wasn’t into the gap, triggered short at B and worked:

ES Tradesight Institutional Range Play:

NQ Tradesight Institutional Range Play: