More good ranges and another nice winner as the US Dollar gets stronger two days in a row. See EURUSD below, where we had a new winner, plus closed out a 100 pip winner on the second half of the trade from Sunday, which was the last trade of July.
Here’s the US Dollar Index intraday with market directional levels:

New calls and Chat tonight.
Lots to recap here. Triggered short under VAL at A per our call but gave you through B and the European open to enter. Hit first target at C, note the use of the green tri-star level precisely at D and E. Lowered stop in the morning and stopped at F both the second half of that trade and the trade from the prior session, which was a 100-pip winner to the final exit. Also, for fun, note the exact use of our UBreak red line at G and H, 12 hours apart: