End of Year Specials

In 2017, we will be raising the prices of our 6-month Mentorship programs, although we have also lowered by $50 a month the cost of the monthly subscriptions for people that go through the programs. The reason for the price increase is simple. After many years of training people in Stocks, Futures, and Forex, we have found that our program works best when people take heavy advantage of the one-on-one mentorship sessions to discuss the markets and how you are approaching them. You get unlimited sessions during the program, and this is very time-consuming for us on the path to making you a profitable trader. So, after years of holding the same prices but putting more and more into each person’s training, we have decided to raise each of the programs from $3582 to $3997 for the six months.

Having said that, we have a final offer for 2016 with year end specials based on the existing prices. These are good through the last day of 2016. You will need to reach out to us via the Contact page on the site to take advantage of them as this pricing does not exist in the shopping cart. Some members of Tradesight will be taking time off in the next week, so it could take a little longer than usual for us to reply to your inquiries. We should still get to you within 24 hours.

Total Trader Package, plus 2016 End of Year Tax Write-off: This special is for the individual that wants to be a complete trader the way only Tradesight can teach. The package includes our 6-month Stock, Futures, and Forex mentorship programs, plus EIGHT months (instead of 6) support and service for all of them. That means you get every report, every trade call, all of the education, and eight months of one-on-one sessions and blotter review. We will make you successful! On top of that, we are applying our money-back guarantee to this entire program (usually available only for Stocks and Futures training), and you can write-off the cost of the training this year. Total retail value based on current pricing, including the two extra months of the services: $11,744. End of year special pricing: $7599. That’s 35.2% off existing pricing and 41.5% off of the new pricing, plus you can write off the entire cost in 2016. This is only available as a one-time payment.

New to Tradesight 8-month Stocks and Futures Mentorship Program: If you have not yet taken a mentorship program, this is the package that our most successful traders ultimately take. Some traders take the stock program first for six months and then add the futures program for six months to make them a very well-rounded, educated trader. But, we have found this nice balance where we combine the two programs in a very organized manner to teach you everything in 8 months. Total retail value based on current pricing: $7962. End of year special pricing: $5799. This is the cheapest we have ever offered it, and it is 27.1% off current pricing. New pricing will be $8792, so this is a whopping 34% off what it will cost in the future. And, this includes the money-back guarantee. Easily, this is the most unbeatable offer out there for people that want to become successful traders. This is only available as a one-time payment, but you can make it either in December (to write it off in 2016) or January 1, 2017 (to write it off next year).

New to Tradesight Futures Mentorship Program: If you have not yet taken a mentorship program and futures are your interest, this is the package for you. Pre-pay now for just the Futures Mentorship Program and get almost $500 off! Total retail value based on current pricing: $3582. End of year special pricing: $3097. This is 29% off next year’s pricing. And, this includes the money-back guarantee. This is only available as a one-time payment in 2016.

Existing subscriber 3-Month Prepaid Subscription: If you are currently a subscriber to any of the services and want to pre-pay for 2017, this offer is for you. Let us know what services you are interested in, and we will take 20% off the retail rate for three months of those services. Retail value: varies depending on the services chosen. End of year special pricing: 20% off. This can include more than one service, and additional discounts may apply when combining. Ask for details. This must be paid for by January 1, 2017, and will apply to the months of January, February, and March.

All of these are valid until whenever we wake up on New Year’s Day to remove the page. Contact us to purchase.