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Tradesight.com is dedicated to providing quality independent market education and analysis, along with stocks, forex, options, and futures trading strategies for those who want to become market savvy and improve their financial well-being over time.

Founded in 2002, the site offers information and education about the U.S. stock and futures markets, individual securities, and the FOREX markets. The site and services are mainly for active traders and short-term investors. In general, our trading comes from 70% technical analysis and 30% fundamental analysis, market internals, and market directional analysis in the stock market and 100% technical analysis in the forex and futures markets.

  • Technicals 70% 70%
  • Market Directional Analysis 15% 15%
  • Market Internals 10% 10%
  • Fundamentals 5% 5%

Before Tradesight

Tradesight’s roots go back to 1998 as an e-mail only newsletter. It was mailed out daily and included certain stocks with long and short ideas and triggers. By the year 2000, the newsletter was sent to over 3000 people daily.

Launch Day

In 2002, Tradesight became a subscription-based website. The newsletter was enhanced to include market overviews, trade reviews, educational analysis, and more detailed picks. All work at the time was done by Tradesight’s founder, Chris Mercer.

Next Steps

In 2004, several things occurred that added to Tradesight’s offerings. Rich Derrick came on-board as an analyst, bringing his more active daytrading approach to the service via a new Trading Lab. Rich’s background at the New York Institute of Finance proved invaluable as a resource to Tradesight subscribers. In addition, in July of 2004, the Tradesight Forex service was added to provide insight and calls to that emerging market.

To the Present

In 2005, Mark Likos left his Firetraders chat room and came over to Tradesight to work full-time. He brought his expertise, in addition to a refined version of his daily Likos Futures and Forex Levels. Tradesight services expanded to live coverage round the clock in all of the covered markets, providing real-time thoughts and commentary from various analysts throughout the day.

Since 2005, Tradesight has been working daily to improve results for traders. Our core philosophy is “education first.” In 2012, we added the option to deliver our information via private Twitter feeds to give subscribers a more mobile solution for using our trade calls and market analysis. In 2014, we completely revised our educational modules and turned them into 6-month mentorship programs. This allowed us to provide a “hands-on” approach to educating traders that has been a massive success.

Rich Derrick

Rich Derrick

Head Equity Analyst

Rich Derrick is the Head Equity Analyst for Tradesight. He is our most active intraday trader in stocks and answers questions all day in the Trading Lab.

Mark Likos

Mark Likos

Head Futures/Forex Analyst

Mark Likos is the Head Futures/Forex Analyst for Tradesight. He creates the daily Forex and Futures Levels, which are the basis for our education and trade calls.

Chris Mercer

Chris Mercer


Chris Mercer founded the company in 2002 and his training system continues to be the basis for the Tradesight systems.


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